An ideal home is defined by how well it suits your needs and desires - in essence, by how versatile it is. Embodying water’s transient qualities, Trinity Aquata provides its residents with a multitude of elements that will serve to enhance their lifestyles in every possible way. Here at Trinity Aquata, we have crafted a home that flows with you in every aspect of your lifestyle, giving you that versatile edge you need to enjoy a life here to the fullest.


Designed with water’s qualities in mind, Trinity Aquata’s master plan was built with a natural flow in mind, making moving between its number of in-development facilities and leisure choices as natural as can be.

I am Dynamic

Set on a location that makes traveling a breeze, Trinity Aquata places its residents in close proximity to a wealth of amenities and a lifestyle of activity. Only a short drive from the city and surrounded by a number of conveniences, it is safe to say that Trinity Aquata is right in the heart of the action.

I am Freedom

Boasting a range of different unit sizes and fully customisable interior spaces, Trinity Aquata caters to the needs of any resident, making it a place that allows you to freely mould your home to suit whatever lifestyle you enjoy.